What Could You Learn In Cooking Classes In West Delhi?

The one who has passion for cooking has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving because for them plans are nothing; planning is everything. I think these suits the best to Mrs. Navleen Kaur the owner, founder of Taste Affairs.

Some different dishes you could catch up here are-

Chole Kulche:

Cooking classes in West Delhi, a place serving world’s most amazing chole. It is a personal recommendation to all those reading this, each bite will satisfy every taste bud of yours. Here, chole are scooped out of a copper vessel topped with aloo, a secret masala which makes it super spicy, aamchur chutney, a sprinkle of garam masaala and lastly the signature coriander and ginger garnish, served with a plate of kulcha. It is the most soulful breakfast you can imagine.

Chole Kulche - Taste Affairs

A tempting breakfast:

Learn how to cook breakfast for morning. Nagori Halwa and Bedmi Puri Aloo, aloo ki sabzi has a thick and spicy gravy served with piping hot bedmi puri and the taste is balanced by the amazing halwa. It is a must try for everyone for the most iconic tastes of Old Delhi.

breakfast- Taste Affairs

Coffee and sandwiches:

Learn the tempting sandwiches and also take home the secret tip for the coffee lovers. You’ll get it all here from the Cooking Classes in Delhi! The sandwiches are a perfect summer’s breakfast, so learn this art with us.

Coffee and sandwiches - Taste Affairs

Non-Veg Dishes:

One of the best places to learn to cook tempting non-veg dishes is the Cooking in West Delhi. If you are in search of a little newer taste then this is where to head, if you want to taste the history this is the right place!

Non-Veg Dishes -  Taste Affairs

Ice cream & shakes :

In this hot summer day every one affairs to get out of the house and get some ice cream & shakes so why don’t you try cooking classes near me? Learn ample of ice-cream and shakes under one roof!

Ice cream & shakes - Taste Affairs

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